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Do you have a cheating spouse?


If you suspect a cheating spouse or partner don't wait to confront your fears. Waiting only adds to an already stressful situation.


We are ready to discover the truth for you. High Strategic Solutions' private investigators will conduct surveillance of your spouse or partner and document what they discover. You will be provided with video, photographs and detailed reports of each surveillance. If infidelity is discovered during the investigation, the evidence provided to you will be important in planning your next steps.


The evidence of infidelity will be vital in your divorce and child custody proceedings.

Uncover the Truth

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Reports claim infidelity occurs in more than half of all relationships. Men are not the only ones cheating. Women are increasingly searching for comfort in the arms of others.

If you suspect infidelity in your relationship contact HSS and we'll assign a private investigator to discover the truth.

The Warning Signs of Infidelity

There are warning signs that indicate your spouse or significant other is possibly having an affair. Your partner exhibiting some of these signs doesn’t necessarily mean they are cheating on you. Some signs can be explained away, but others may not be. People from time to time change their attitudes and interests. But if the change is too sudden, drastic or just out of character, you should investigate further. If your gut tells you there’s a problem then you should look into it.


You can do some investigating on your own, but you should hire a private investigator when things get outside of your capabilities or comfort zone. A HSS private investigator can help you through the process and get to the truth you need.


This list is by no means all the possible indicators, but rather a list of the more common ones. Humans are crafty, unpredictable and always coming up with new ways to deceive.

  • Comes home with a different smell of perfume or cologne.
  • Loses interest in you or shows a loss of affection and become emotionally distant.
  • Becomes more critical of you and makes cruel and hurtful remarks. May be moody and pick fights.
  • A sudden and unusual interest in your schedule.
  • A change in attitude and energy at unusual times. Usually right before leaving the house.
  • Becomes more interested in their privacy, by walking out of the room during phone calls and deleting call and text histories.
  • You may discover gifts that are never given to you.
  • Work schedule has changed. They are working longer hours and taking out of town trips more often than usual.
  • Pays more attention to their appearance.
  • You discover unusual or unexplained credit card charges.
  • You discover unfamiliar phone numbers on your phone bill statement.
  • Spends more time on the Internet, particularly while you’re gone or asleep.
  • Creates and uses a new email account with no reasonable explanation for doing so.
  • Sudden decrease or increase in intimacy. Wanting to try new or different acts of intimacy.


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