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Corporate Investigations

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Corporate / Employee Crimes


Employees can be your biggest assets, but they can also be a significant liability. Employees sometimes get disgruntled, or are just plain thieves. They can take from your company in many ways. Theft of intellectual information, espionage, destruction of property, theft of money and property, other illegal activities, or just too lazy to complete the work properly.


Crimes against your corporation can lead to its failure.


High Strategic Solutions’ private investigators will conduct surveillance and/or undercover operations to identify and document the crimes committed by your employees or sub-contractors.


We conduct due diligence and background checks on corporations and individuals. Protect your corporation and have a due diligence check performed on your next hire or merger. Learn more about our due diligence and background checks.

Private Investigator

Here’s a list of activities you should be watching for.

  • Substance abuse or gambling
  • Sexual harassment
  • Personal use of company resources
  • Worker’s comp fraud
  • Insurance fraud

If you experience any of these activities High Strategic Solutions can investigate and provide you the information you need to address the situation.

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The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 30 percent of business failures are related to employee theft.

Private Investigator

Your corporation is more likely to have crimes committed against it from employees. Up to 75 percent of employees steal from their employers.

How can you protect your corporation?

  • Create strict hiring procedures and conduct due diligence and background checks on key employees.
  • Establish a company code of conduct that identifies unacceptable behavior.
  • Provide a safe and meaningful work place.
  • Lead by example. Employees do notice the actions of leadership.
  • Install monitoring systems such as security cameras.
  • When you first suspect wrong doings, address it immediately before it gets too large and out of control.
  • Hire a professional investigator when your investigation goes beyond your capabilities.

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